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Added a new page!

  • Artifacts -- a collection of things around my home


Updates to my site now show up in the RSS feed.

What's an update?

It's when I write about the changes. It's not an automated thing, cuz that can end up as spammy on RSS. It's Aaron, the real human writing about the things that have changed recently!


The feed generator for this site was only including new "posts". But I rarely write "posts". This is less of a blog and more of a... 🤷.

In any case, sometimes I want to let people know about changes, like the new post I added above. Or some other recent pages like my Custom Duds page.

The site has had the log for a while, but only recently I had the idea that I could manually curate and write updates that would be included in the RSS feed. I've seen similar ideas like "Recently" posts, but that didn't seem right for me. I wasn't sure how I wanted "updates" to fit into the taxonomy of content on this site, until now.

So this is where I landed.


Thanks me. I'd actually love for other people with digital gardens, portfolios, and other sites that don't fit into the "blog" mold to do something similar. Lemme get curated updates about changes on your site through RSS!!

I plan to make a more traditional "post" about this idea soon that hashes out some thoughts and encourages others to do similar, but we'll see if that ever happens...

The Link!

Here's the (rss link!)