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This is a collection of artifacts I display around my home. I love them, and I surround myself with them IRL, so why not surround myself with the digitally as well! They're for all to see!

Muriel's Camels

Since I was a kid, I always loved my grandmother's camel collection. As she moved around in the later years of her life to smaller and smaller homes, the collection widdled down until the best two final camels remained.

I inherited them when she passed away, and they remain proud in my apartment.

I also learned they're by a pseudo famous Judaica artist, Mark Meisler


Savage Dog Beasts

Another inherited item, we got these savage dogs recently when a friend's Aunt passed away. She was an avid collector of dog artwork, and my friend invited us to to explore her collection and find something to take.

It was quite the experience, a victorian mansion filled floor to ceiling with dog artwork!


Homemade Engine

I took a metalworking class at City College of San Francisco. I learned to use the drill press, the lathe, and some other.

City College has an awesome collection of WWII era lathes that are kept in great condition. They really don't make em' like they used to... Well. I have no idea how modern lathes are, but it's hard to imagine anyone using this computer in 65+ years.

The engine was meant to be air powered (ie. by blowing compressed air in, it could run). Mine unfortunately never ran, it's quite poorly crafted. And now, it's tarnished and rusted, and frankly, quite ugly. But I love having it around.


Fart Sign

When Lucy's brother got married, I had quick access to a laser cutting machine, and I volunteered to make a giant magnetic poetry board. It included their names, some words about marriage and love. Some articles and sentence connectors. And of course, some my own favorite words tossed in.

I ended up keeping just one.


Ladybug Ball

When I turned 5 or 6 or something, my grandma brought me to the toy store and allowed me to pick one item. Out of the whole store, I was attracted to this lady bug ball.

It may seem like a strange choice, and perhaps even a wasted opportunity to get an epic lego set or something, but the amount of fun I've had with this ball over the years is immeasurable. I'd spend hours as a kid throwing it against a wall and catching it. Home run derbies. Bowling. Juggling. There's no end to the ways you can entertain yourself with a ball, and I feel certain had I selected anything else, it'd now be in some landfill somewhere.

I ended up writing a college admission's essay on this ball, and am proud now it has become a toy for my daughter as well.


Lil Doggy Gang

Lucy, my partner, has an interesting connection with her family from the little rottweiler, that's a bit hard to explain - but we've it on display since we've moved in together years ago.

Since then, a lil gang has formed around it. A lil white doggie purchased from the band Flying Fish Cove when I saw them open for Harry & The Potters in 2019 at Bottom of the Hill, a magnetic hydrant so they can pee, and a surprise toy that I won at a baby shower for knowing the most facts about babies.


Penguin (?)

My friend bought this for me when he went south. I genuinely can't remember if it was Mexico or Central or South America somewhere. I don't know what it is or where it's from, but it's awesome.


Where Pilot Eats

This is where my dog eats. His food bowl is a "slow feeder" made of ceramics that Lucy made and it has a matching water bowl. It's a cool spot.

He eats amongst this prowly jungle dog. Or is a jaguar? Unclear, but it's from the same collection of dog art that the savage dogs above are!


Cow Skull

This is a cow skull that my friend found on the side of the road. It's really his. He's basically allowed to ask for it back at any time. But we've always used it to great decorative effect, and as long as it's lookin good in the house, I think we can keep it.


Mini Toilet (ring holder)

Isn't this tiny ceramic toilet bowl adorable. The lid comes off and you can put a ring in it when showering - from a collection of lil ring holders that Lucy made as our friends were getting engaged.