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Sometimes I like to doctor up my clothes, or make my own designs. This is showing off some of that work.


My daughter's ultrasound made her look like an insane demon, and I had just gone to an Unto Others show and was very inspired by metal attire - so I photoshopped it into a metal T.

sunny in darkness

I can't claim credit on this one (save perhaps inspiration), but after a conversation about the streetwear brand online-ceramics.com, my friend Briana got very excited, and decided to design me a shirt, which I'm completely in love with, and which features symbology from my life, (like a clarinet).

friends & lovers

My mom, a prolific quilter has a sweet sewing machine that writes. I've had quite a bit of fun with it, but this is my only remaining T. Everyone should wear name tags, it would make the city friendlier!

aaron eddie strick

I can't claim credit on this one either (save perhaps inspiration again), but for my birthday, knowing my affinity, lucy stitched me this octopus.

the octopus


At the Levi's Flagship store in San Francisco, you can get them to customize or repair your clothes. I always opt in.

This mod is inspired by my dog, Pilot, who rolls with me.

pilot, sweet lil guy

These mods are inspired by my daugter Sunny, who also rolls with me!



I think it's worth re-iterating, that you can get your pants repaired.



Probably the the biggest splurge in my adult life was for some custom shoes at Al's Place. I justify them because I had a sort of insane foot problem that I may blog about one day. Al is a master of custom wear, and I designed these beautiful custom shoes with him, with this elegant diagonal stitch and single monk strap. He promised me 3 months of "exlusivity" - but I think that's a sales tactic lol.

shoes zoomed out

shoe label