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If you're on my website, I assume you're just kinda wasting time online, so here's a couple of links that are to some things on the internet. Some are things I like, some are more places for you to explore.

Please let me know if any of these links are broken, and if you have any suggestions, shoot em my way.

Webring Affiliation

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Discover and explore some interesting sites:

Aggregators & Discovery

Some grabbags of other people's personal websites that are usually fun to click around

A collection of "weird drawing software"

Some favorite content sites

John Wilson has show now on HBO, which is great - but before the show, his home movies were something special to watch, especially if you're into deadpan docs.

Some interesting maps

Did you ever think about how between your model and mine, there's an unbroken connection of wires?

Follow water from anywhere in the world through rivers to the ocean

Some creative playgrounds

A shockingly capable musical creator



If I'm hangin' w/ friends and we're bustin out our favorite youtubes

Solid Potato Salad (~05:00)

This is one that seems pretty strange at first, like why would anyone watch this, but I guuarantee you'll be blown away if you stick it out to 2:30

State birds are garbage (~23:00)

I'm a big fan of the deadpan, sarcastic, informational essay, and this is seminal work. You're going to learn some weird facts about the U.S. birds.

Costume person destroys the drums (~02:00)

Just a creature absolutely shredding on drums, pure joy

Weezer (~01:00)

Being a middle schooler, summed up, a quick does of feeling

Videos to live by

The Do Easy

I guess before he made a lot of big hollywood movies, Gus Van Sant made this put together imagery for this delicious short story, with some inspirational life lessons


Growing a langauge

Land of Lisp