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/now page update

Out of the blue, I got an email from Derek Sivers.

If you don't know, Derek is the person who had the idea to put a /now page personal websites. Similar to the convention of an /about page or a /contact Page, the /now page is meant to highlight "what this person is focused on at this point in their life."

To promote the idea, he started a registry of people with /now pages at nownownow.com - where this site is listed.

He sent:

Hi Aaron -

I can't find a date on your aaronstrick.com/now page.

Do you know when it was last updated?

Would you consider putting "updated on (day), (year)" on it somewhere?

Or let me know what you would like. Happy to help if I can.

Initially, I assumed it was an automated message - but, it felt audacious to me. Would he really automate asking that of so many people. There are thousands listed on the registry! It seems easy to slip up and fail to detect if a page has a "last updated" on it.

How might he have implemented it? AI?

Out of curiosity, I looked up his /now page, and sure enough - I saw this listing:

A screenshot from Derek's now page, which says that he's currently manually going through all of the now pages

So -- if he has it in him to look at every page, I'll happily take the time to add a "updated on" to mine.

And while I'm at it - some other updates are in order...

New Years Card!

Added my 2024 New Years card.

New Post!

Added a new "blog post". This time, about many of the WIP projects I have going on. Some of which will never finish, and without this post would probably never make it on to the site.