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New Song Drop!!

My friend's recently had a baby, Posie, and her birth inspired this tune.

Coming Up Posie

The tune also inspired a lil web project, to help me understand mastering a little better. For this song, I found an AI powered mastering program, but it was really difficult to compare different versions, and to really understand what the mastering was doing.

So - I made this little version comparer, and put it online. It was really enlightening to hear the different versions:

BrianaFeigon.com moves on

I'm always encouraging people to buy their name as a domain and host a simple page. There are a number of things that hold people back. Perceived high cost. Perceived low value. Technical barriers. They're not sure what they'd put, and if they did know, the don't know how.

Putting the first iteration of this site together in 2008 was basically what launched my career. So, I'm often happy to buy them a domain (or show them how), and execute a basic version of their vision. My favorite example of this is maybe the site I made for my friend Phoebe.

And so it was with Briana. I slapped something together, and it lived for a few years. But I'm happy to share that she's now graduated from a quick Strick Web Slap, and she now has a site she maintains herself!

As such, I've made some edits to the project page.

While I'm sad I can no longer say that I "made brianafeigon.com", I'm excited she's taken it into her own hands!! Way to go B!


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