Invitation gifs

From 2014 to 2016, I was very actively social. To promote my "events", I put together promotional gifs. Over that period, I put together what I've now decided I'm willing to call a "body of work". Here, in 2020, in social isolation, I present a retrospective.

Prototyping An LED Quilt With My Mom

My mother is an amazing quilter, and as a long time admirer of LED art, I've wanted to collaborate and get some LEDs inside one of her quilts. Inspired by all the cool stuff I saw at the Hackaday Superconference and the fact that my mom just learned she'll be the featured quilter in a big show, I decided it was finally time to get started. So we did some prototyping!

Finally selling my Magic: The Gathering Collection

Last year, I was cleaning my room, but didn't know where to put my collection of magic cards. I had the day, so I figured I'd investigate the process of selling them. I wrote a fat report and sent it to my friends, and many months later, I'm making my journey public. Here's what I learned trying to sell them...